Noosa is located in the state of Queensland, on the east coast of Australia.
The city is visited by the Australian elite looking for leisure, as well as by tourists and backpackers from all over the world. The beach atmosphere meets sophistication, generating countless entertainment possibilities.
With a subtropical climate, Noosa presents hot summers and milder winters, but rarely does the temperature drop below 10 ° C. Therefore the climatic condition is very pleasant throughout the year and the locals use bicycles as the main form of transportation through the city’s scenic streets.
The urban aesthetics come into harmony with the local nature. Cafes, restaurants, shops and resorts (most of them located on the waterfront) are famous worldwide for their customer service and quality of services delivered. Hasting Street, for instance, is regarded as the most elegant street of the country for shopping and memorable walks in the evening.
If your focus is on health and wellness, there is a significant range of massage therapists, yoga instructors and beauticians available. Lovers of outdoor activities literally can find their place in the sun. Stand-up paddle boards can be used on both the sea and city river. Other water sports such as kitesurfing and kayaking are available as well.
Main Beach has a family-friendly atmosphere that co-exists with the longboard surfers who like it because of the local wave type. It is also worthwhile to visit Noosa National Park and admire the wildlife and different species of plants. The park also has spectacular views.
Stunning Fraser Island is nearby Noosa. Lake McKenzie is the main attraction of the island, formed only by rainwater. It fascinates everyone with its bluish and greenish shades. Closer to the lake, there are areas for camping, picnics and barbecues.
Noosa is a city that mixes urban aspects and natural beauty, with amazing scenery and many memorable moments for visitors.

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