Cairns is located in the far north of the East coast of Australia, in the state of Queensland.
The main attraction is The Great Barrier Reef which visitors can explore at their leisure and consume themselves in the breathtaking views and incredible nature.
The heat prevails for most of the year as well as the torrential storms in the summer, typical of a tropical climate.
A small town with just over 150,000 inhabitants, despite its proximity with the ocean, does not enjoy its waters due to the presence of harmful jellyfish, crocodiles and mud. For these reasons, the artificial beach Lagoon Complex is a success and has ended up being very crowded with families and friends who want to cool down in the hot temperatures.
Cairns is the starting point for the Great Barrier Reef. Considered as a World Heritage site, the reefs are the largest coral structure on the planet and can be admired in many different ways, depending on the tourists will. There are those who prefer to dive into the ocean depths using an oxygen cylinder and swim with giant sea turtles, those who prefer to snorkel and follow the colorful fish and others prefer to remain dry on a cruise with a glass floor boat, or even take a ride on a helicopter to see the views from above.
However, the Great Barrier Reef is not the only attraction of the place. The aboriginal village of Kuranda, for example, which can be reached by a cable car from Cairns is a beautiful day trip. The return of the village can be done by train, which runs through the vast mountains of the region revealing a breathtaking scenery, with valleys, cliffs and waterfalls along the way.
In the north is located the Daintree Forest, displaying an immense amount of fauna and flora where a very interesting (and safe) tour can be done that gives visitors the opportunity for an encounter with crocodiles in the river of the same name as the forest.
Cairns is the first stop and a reference to go to the Great Barrier Reef icon, but as noted, the site also has many other attractive points. There are options for many different tastes and budgets. The amount of money paid to enjoy the experiences in the region, afterwards becomes only a number compared to the immeasurable memories that remain.

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