Capital of South Australia State, Adelaide is situated on the South coast of the country.
The city soon draws attention for its urban design, with methodically planned spaces for parks, lakes and green areas as a highlight. Art galleries, museums, cafes and restaurants also divide the attention of tourists and hospitable residents, bringing dynamism to the safe and quite environment. Traffic jam are insignificant, and the flat streets encourage the use of bicycles.
A region with a Mediterranean climate, it presents cold and wet winters as well as hot, dry summers. Incidentally, Adelaide is the Australian capital that has the driest air, a climate that favors its international famous wineries due to the high quality grapes of the region.
Adelaide can be considered a gateway to the imposing Outback, the fascinating and arid Australian desert. It is worthwhile to check Flinders Ranges out. It is a chain of mountains widespread for kilometers and presents a beautiful mountain range due to its rock formations and historical content such as aboriginal paintings.
A place of contrasts, after exploring the desert a good choice is to enjoy the white sandy beaches of the place, which satisfy both surfers and sunbathers.
Kangaroo Island can be considered as the most important tourist spot, only 10km away from Adelaide centre. The island is the third largest island of Australia with beautiful beaches and displays an abundant animal life that has even albino kangaroos.
If the option is to stay within the city, there are countless entertainment options as well. At night the pubs are full, and the beer Coopers, famous and well appreciated by locals, has Adelaide to host its factory and also the preference of the public.
During the day, a tour of the museums, the central market, music festivals, the greenhouses of the Botanical Gardens or spend the day tasting some of the best wines in the world wineries in Barossa Valley are enriching experiences.
Adelaide, despite its timid outlook if compared to other large cities, hides unparalleled places to those that have thirst to explore places out of the ordinary census.

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